About Me

profile pic roundHey there, my name is Alexandru Radu Marin. I’m a dynamic person, eager to learn new technologies, friendly, good team worker and opened for new challenges and opportunities.People find me to be an upbeat, self-movitated team player with excellent communication skills.

My primary job is software packaging with many years of experience and working in a professional environment for companies like IBM and ATOS.

Some of my skills are as it follows:

*Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Packaging Department
*Solution Architect for Packaging/SCCM area.
*Creation of packaging rules for Windows 7/Windows 10.
*Creation of rules for integration team.
*Project lead for multiple projects.
*Incidents manager/solver.
*Finding solutions for non-standard topics: Sccm reboots, software targeting, automatic testing.
*Creating software templates for packaging team.
*Self-coordinating multiple topics on multiple areas.
*Creating PowerShell GUI with interations for deploying and reporting different software.
*SCCM 2012 application integration/deployment.
*Creating and implementing a set of rules for the integration and distribution process for SCCM.
*Manage collections and advertisements.
*Office 365 topic leader.
*SVN administrator for Packaging/Integration area.

*Direct customer alignments and weekly meetings.
*Creating AutoIt .exe scripts.
*Knowledge of Windows Services, ODBC, Registry, etc.
*Knowledge of working with batch files
*Excellent VBScript knowledge creating complex scripts for different scenarios during the years.
*Good PowerShell scripting knowledge.
*Responsible with the creation of custom software packages according to the client demands and strictly following rules of packaging for Windows 7, Windows 10.
*Responsible with the creation of custom software packages according to the client demands and strictly following rules of capturing using VMWare App Volumes.
*Testing and assuring the quality of the sent software packages.
*Communicating with the team members and international clients.
*Technologies used: InstallShield, Orca,VBScript, WMWare.
*Create MSI’s with external media and creating self-extract media in different situations.
*Excellent knowledge of Application Discovery.
*Ensuring the correct configuration for workstation rollout : software and hardware requirements have been provided and delivered for each user.
*Providing support for customer regarding application and machine \ environment issues.
*Troubleshooting and debugging of application in different environments.
*Standardizing testing procedures, installation and validation.
*Customizing testing activities to meet unique corporate requirements and production environment.

Feel free to have a look at my portfolio on Linkedin and don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also check out my personal blog, and articles from Advanced Installer blog. If you are searching for more in-depth knowledge on how to work with MSI’s, check out Advanced Installer user guide which has everything you need to know on the subject, and the user guide is always maintained.