Advanced Techniques in MSI Packaging

Excited to announce a new addition to my blog: a dedicated page for my latest book, “Advanced Techniques in MSI Packaging”! 🚀 This book marks a significant milestone in my journey through the intricate world of software deployment, offering a deep dive into the realm of MSI packaging.

Crafted for IT professionals at all levels, this work is not just a compilation of advanced techniques and best practices but also a reflection of the passion and challenges encountered in the field of application packaging. From understanding the basics of MSI packaging, exploring the structure of an MSI file, to mastering application repackaging and deployment strategies, this book has got you covered.

Whether you’re tackling application dependencies, streamlining your packaging processes with tools like Advanced Installer, or navigating the complexities of deployment with SCCM and Intune, “Advanced Techniques in MSI Packaging” is your comprehensive guide.

I’ve poured years of experience into these pages, aiming to not only educate but inspire. Check out the new page on my blog for more insights and a sneak peek into what this book offers. Here’s to elevating our skills in MSI packaging together! 📘💼

Check it out here

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