Create a GUI EXE for bundles with 7Zip SFX Maker


In a previous post, i have shown how to create a self-extracting and self-installing .exe using 7ZIP SFX Maker. But what if you want a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for it?

The steps are not so different. In this case i’m using 3 MSIs with one Install.VBS that install them all.

As in the previous post, we first must make an archive with the desired bundle. Select the 3 MSIs and Install.VBS, right-click>7-Zip>Add to archive.

When creating the archive, be sure to set the Compression Method to LZMA and the Archive Format to 7z.

Now open up 7-Zip SFX Maker with Administrative rights (right-click>Run as Administrator).

In the Files tab, add the previously created archive.

Now go to the Dialogs tab.

In the General sub-tab put the desired Title of your application (in this case “My Installer”), select the Overwrite Mode to Overwrite All Files, check Extract to temporary folder and only check Show SFX icon in Begin, Finish and Cancel Prompt.

In the Begin prompt sub-tab check the Begin Prompt and write your desired message to the user.

In the Extract Path sub-tab uncheck Allow users to change extract path.

In the Progress sub-tab check Show Icon and write the desired text for the Title and button text.

In the Finish message sub-tab uncheck Finish message.

In the Cancel Prompt sub-tab uncheck Cancel prompt.

In the Tasks tab, add a new task. In this case we add a new Run Program, because after the extraction we want to run the Install.vbs.

In the new window that appeared, after %%T\ add Install.vbs. The Program should look lie %%T\Install.Vbs

And that it it! Now click on Make SFX and you have your own GUI exe installer created with 7Zip SFX maker.

When you install the new exe it will look something like this

Keep in mind that 7Zip SFX maker is a powerful tool. You can add as many Tasks you desire in the exe file.

With 7Zip SFX Maker you can create a shortcut, delete file or folder or even set an environment variable.

Also keep in mind that when you run a program, you can select multiple predefined locations.

%%T points to the extraction path, but if you right-click the Program typing box you can select from multiple predefined locations.

For example %SystemDrive% or %ProgramFiles%. That means that you can run whatever you like after the extraction and it’s all interpreted by 7Zip SFX Maker.

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