Create a self-installing .exe with 7zip SFX Maker

If you don’t have a tool for packaging, like Advanced Installer for example, you can create a self-extracting .Exe that runs a command after installation with 7Zip SFX Maker. You can find 7Zip SFX Maker here.

Once you have it downloaded and installed there are a few steps to take to create your EXE.

In this example, i created an MSI and an Install.vbs that installs the MSI.

Select the MSI and VBS, right-click>7zip>Add to archive.

Note: When you create the archive, be sure to select the Compression Method to LZMA!

Right-Click the 7Zip SFX Maker shortcut and Run as Administrator.

In the files tab, add your previously created Archive.7z.

Now, there are a few more changes to be done to the SFX.

Lets start with the dialogs tab and all its sub-tabs.

In the General sub-tab be sure to set the Overwrite mode to Overwrite all files and make sure the checkbox Extract to temporary folder is checked.

In the Begin Promp sub-tab, uncheck the Begin Promp checkbox.

In the Extract Path sub-tab, uncheck the Allow users to change path checkbox.

In the Progress sub-tab, check the Hide extraction progress checkbox.


In the Finish Message sub-tab, uncheck the Finish message checkbox.


In the Cancel Promp sub-tab, uncheck the Cancel Prompt checkbox.

In the Taks tab, add the following line: RunProgram=”\”cmd.exe\” /c”

Leave the other tabs as they are.

Now click Make SFX in the bottom right.

And voila, you now have your .exe file created

To silently install your exe, from a command prompt, type the following:

Example.sfx.exe wscript.exe Install.vbs


Now the Example.sfx.exe will extract in %temp% and run the Install.vbs that is present inside it.

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