Disable all local user accounts with PowerShell

Local user accounts in Windows are accounts that are created and managed on a specific local computer. These accounts are specific to the individual computer and are not part of a domain or network. Each local user account has a unique username and password, which is used to authenticate and authorize access to the resources and services on that particular computer.

Local user accounts can have different levels of privileges, such as standard user or administrator. A standard user account has limited permissions and can perform regular tasks on the computer but cannot make significant changes to system settings or install software. On the other hand, an administrator account has elevated privileges and can make system-wide changes, install software, and manage other user accounts on the computer.

Local user accounts are commonly used on personal computers or standalone machines that are not part of a larger network. They provide a way to control access to the computer and its resources, allowing different users to have their own separate accounts with personalized settings and access rights.

To disable all local user accounts using PowerShell, the following script can be used:

Get-LocalUser | Where {$_.Enabled -eq $True} | Disable-LocalUser

To check if there are local user accounts still active, you can use the following PowerShell script:

Get-LocalUser | Where {$_.Enabled -eq $True}

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