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PowerShell for Beginners eBook

Are you new to PowerShell? Or looking to enhance your skills? This book is your companion on the journey to mastering PowerShell, designed for beginners and tech enthusiasts alike.

What You’ll Learn:

🔍 From the basics to advanced concepts, this book covers it all.

🤖 Automate repetitive tasks and boost productivity.

⚙️ Explore real-world examples and use cases.

🌐 Master Azure integration for cloud-based solutions.

PowerShell for Beginners
PowerShell for Beginners


Easily search for an application and get the neccesary information such as Uninstall String, Version, Publisher and Install location without having to search in the registry manually. This is an update on the previous script, this one also features a GUI which makes it much easier for you!


MSI Packaging Training eBook

MSI Packaging Training ebook is a practical guide for all the professionals seeking to leverage MSI’s software for faster and more efficient applications packaging and deployment.

The 200-page MSI Packaging resource covers:

  • What is Windows Installer and what are the tools to use for application packaging
  • What is the structure of a Windows installer package
  • Scenarios for “How to create MSIs“ in practice
  • How to capture / re-package EXE installations
  • MSI Transform files (MST): how to create and use them
  • How to create Patches (MSP)
  • How to create Suite installations
  • How to approach the debugging and testing of the MSI
MSI Packaging Training Book
MSI Packaging Training Book

Take a Break

Made a simple program in C# that prevents your computer to go to sleep or auto-lock.

Not many options so far, only the ability to set the program to start with Windows and the interval the key is pressed.

The program simulates F11 key release, not the actual push of the key.

The full solution and executable is available for download from GitHub:

Take a Break

SCCM Query Creator

A simple but yet usefull app to easily convert a list of machines/users to an SCCM query.

In the “Text Converter” tab, you can convert your string by selecting a default separator (; or ,) or even use your own. After the conversion, you should have a list separated by a new line.

Navigate to the “Query Creator” tab and paste the list, select the desired query (machines or users) and click Generate.

Very usefull if you want to split the list in multiple queries, just input the desired split and the program automatically does it.

SCCM Query Creator

IntuneWinAppUtil GUI V2

I was thinking that following the steps of IntuneWinAppUtil are a bit unnecessary, and when people define the source executable, this must be placed in the source folder, so i made the process even easier.

I have released the V2 of IntuneWinAppUtil GUI and this can be downloaded from here:

IntuneWinAppUtil GUI V2
IntuneWinAppUtil GUI V2

IntuneWinAppUtil GUI

I am happy to announce that I’ve made a simple GUI interface for the IntuneWinAppUtil.exe. With the first release it only follows the steps of IntuneWinAppUtil, in the future I will add more functionality. You can check this article about its use.

IntuneWinAppUtil GUI
IntuneWinAppUtil GUI

MSIX Packaging Fundamentals Free Ebook

The information presented in this book is fundamentally intended as an introduction to the practices of application packaging. Still, even the most experienced IT Pros will find exceptional value in the content helping them evaluate various packaging techniques — different from the ones that they are used to — and understand how these techniques fit into the larger picture.

MSIX Packaging Fundamentals
MSIX Packaging Fundamentals

Run commands/Uninstall on logged in user from System Account

As mentioned in a previous blog post, one challenge that we all faced is with running commands from the System Account to a current logged in user. Either you want to uninstall a per-user MSI, or just want to make some changes, this was pretty hard. For this, i created this executable that you can download.

For more details on how to use it, check out the blog post.

MSI Template with Powershell

Do you need to add over and over again the same properties or summary information in your MSI/MSTs?

I’ve developed a Powershell script in which you can configure a template (properties and summary information) and apply it to MSIs, already done MSTs or you can create an MST with this script.

More information on how to use it, check out this post.


Software Packaging Scripts Collection

I have gathered and compiled 20 of the most common scripts for Software Packaging that I’ve constantly used during the years.

Some of them are designed to be used inside the MSI and call the MSI properties, some aren’t.

If you have any other scripts recommendations that you want to see in the bundle, let me know and I’ll update the collection.