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Haven’t used this in a while, but i’ve stumbled across an exe installer that requires reboot, and after reboot it continues the installation of some user MSI. However, during reboot the MSI installation would fail. The MSI was afterwards deleted.

So how can i make a log to see what happend?

Microsoft offers a policy that forces every Windows Installer to make a log. Just add this reg file:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


What does voicewarmupx actually mean? As Microsoft states:

  • v: Enable verbose output
  • o: Log out-of-disk-space messages
  • i: Log status messages
  • c: Log initial UI parameters
  • e: Log all error messages
  • w: Log non-fatal warnings
  • a: Log start up of actions
  • r: Log action-specific records
  • m: Log out-of-memory or fatal exit information
  • u: Log user requests
  • p: Log terminal properties
  • +: Append logged data to existing file
  • !: Flush each line to the log
  • x: Include extra debugging information in the logs


Now, Windows will monitor each MSI installation and output a log in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\temp.

The names of the logs are random, but each starts with msi, for example MSI_12343.log

I would not recommend to leave this setting on.

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