How to Bind the SSL Certificate During the Upgrade Process Using Custom Actions

During the installation process of WebApps, there are cases where users are asked to select an SSL certificate. This is because this certificate is used by the IIS elements.

However, when it comes to an upgrade, you may not want your users to get asked for the SSL certificate again. To achieve that, we will need to implement two custom actions based on the type of installation:

  1. During the first time install, a custom action that will configure the website with the selected certificate by the user
  2. During the upgrade process, a custom action that will get the certificate assigned for the website and used when installing the package.

NoteKeep in mind that the website will be removed and reinstalled when the upgrade is applied.

Before applying the custom actions, we first need to:

  1. Create the IIS dialog.
  2. Create the IIS page.

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