How to remove Recently Added Apps from Start Menu using Intune

I was never a big fan of recently added apps that were shown in the Start Menu, and myself I disabled this option on my PC. If you want to push a policy to your users by using Intune, here are the steps you need to follow to achieve this:


1. Login to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center

2. Go to Devices > Windows

3. Go to Configuration profiles > Create profile

4. For the Platform select Windows 10 and later and in terms of Profile Type select Settings catalog and click on Create

5. Input a desired name that can identify the policy, for example Remove Recently Added Apps from Start Menu and click Next

6. In the Configuration Settings click on Add Settings

7. In the Category select Start and under Setting name look for Hide Recently Added Apps and check it

8. Close the Settings Picker and Enable the Hide Recently Added Apps setting and click on Next

9. In the Assignments tab, select the Included Groups where you want to deploy the policy and click on Next

10. Review everything and click on Create

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