How to Use PowerShell to trigger MSI installation from an MSIX package

Sometimes we need to have a single distribution package as an MSIX, which includes MSIX supported features along with MSI features that are no longer available (such as old drivers).

Unlike MSI, MSIX doesn’t have sequences and doesn’t support custom actions — as we covered in our comprehensive 24 chapter guide for MSIX.

Instead, we can use Package Support Framework (PSF) start scripts as an alternative. Basically, we use the start script to include the MSI in the MSIX and trigger an MSI installation during the launch of the application.

The PSF generates a single setup package that can be distributed as an MSIX. Using PowerShell scripts, you can implement a checkup mechanism to see if the MSI was properly installed.

Let’s have a look at the PowerShell script we need to use, and see how the above scenario can be implemented into the MSIX package with Advanced Installer.