IntuneWinAppUtil GUI

IntuneWinAppUtil GUI V2

Made things even easier and now you can check to have the output to the same source directory. Just select your executable and click Generate


I was thinking that following the steps of IntuneWinAppUtil are a bit unnecessary, and when people define the source executable, this must be placed in the source folder, so i made the process even easier.

I have released the V2 of IntuneWinAppUtil GUI:

With this, you only select the source executable and the output location, everything else is managed by the GUI. The same functionality (auto-download of the IntuneWinAppUtil .exe) is kept as V1, but with easier steps:

You can download V2 from here:

IntuneWinAppUtil GUI V2
IntuneWinAppUtil GUI V2

GitHub page

In a previous post, I’ve presented the necessary steps which must be taken to convert an installer (MSI, MST, VBScript, EXE, PowerShell) to intunewin for Intune deployment, however, I wanted to do something graphical for the tool.

I am happy to announce that I’ve made a simple GUI interface for the IntuneWinAppUtil.exe:

The first time you run the tool it downloads the latest IntuneWinAppUtil.exe (Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool) from the official GitHub page. The IntuneWinAppUtil.exe is downloaded near the IntuneWin32Converter.exe.

In this version of the GUI we only do the necessary steps for conversion, and those are:

Select the source folder of your application:

Click Next

Select the desired executable and click Next

Select the output folder and click Generate

Once the generation is complete, a new button to Open the Output Location will appear:

This will open up explorer to the output location of the generated file.

This tool is free to download from here:

IntuneWinAppUtil GUI
IntuneWinAppUtil GUI

Github Page

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