Microsoft Entra ID

Let’s dive into the exciting world of Microsoft Entra ID and learn about its significance. Microsoft has announced that Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) will now be known as Microsoft Entra ID. This rebranding initiative is a significant step forward for the Microsoft Entra product line.

Microsoft Entra ID aims to provide secure access to any application or resource, whether in the cloud or on-premises, for any identity. Microsoft is introducing two remarkable products to accomplish this. The first is Microsoft Entra Internet Access, an innovative Secure Web Gateway that places a premium on identity in its operations. It not only protects SaaS applications but also Microsoft 365 apps and resources from potential threats while browsing the internet.

Microsoft Entra Private Access, a cutting-edge Zero Trust Network Access solution, is the second addition. It is centered on identity-centric security, ensuring secure access to private applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. These products are part of Microsoft’s Security Service Edge (SSE) solution, which integrates identity and network access solutions to provide organizations with flexibility and agility.

The name change from Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID, as well as licensing changes for existing products, will take effect on October 1, 2023. Other exciting innovations in the Microsoft Entra portfolio include Microsoft Entra ID Protection, Microsoft Entra ID Governance, and Microsoft Entra External ID.

Microsoft Entra ID, formerly known as Azure AD, is a cutting-edge cloud-based identity and access management solution. It functions as a cloud-based directory and identity management service, providing authentication and authorization services for various Microsoft offerings such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and numerous cloud-based applications.

Microsoft Entra ID Protection, a sophisticated solution that detects sign-in risks and identifies unusual user behavior, is one of the most notable components of Microsoft Entra ID. Organizations can use this powerful technology to quickly and accurately identify potential security threats, allowing them to take appropriate measures to block, challenge, limit, or grant access as needed.

Users and organizations migrating from Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID can expect a smooth transition. Azure AD capabilities, APIs, login URLs, PowerShell cmdlets, Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL), developer experiences, or tooling will remain unchanged.

The licensing plans and pricing for Azure AD and Microsoft 365 plans that include Azure AD will remain unchanged, with only the licensing plan display names changing.
Microsoft’s decision to rename Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID is consistent with the company’s goal of simplifying product names and establishing a unified Microsoft product family. Rest assured that the powerful features and functionalities on which you rely will be preserved, and the transition will be smooth and without interruptions.

Embrace the future of identity and access management with Microsoft Entra ID, a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to secure their digital landscape while allowing users across the Microsoft ecosystem to access information seamlessly.

As an admin experience, the new Entra admin center can be found here


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