Microsoft started to remove Flash from Windows with the new new KB4577586 update

Everybody knew that Flash was getting an EOL (End Of Life) on the 31st of December 2020, and patches to remove the OS Flash were created since October last year. The KB4577586 support page explains that this KB only removes Flash from the Windows operating system, not the additional one downloaded from Adobe website.

You can see my article on how to remove all Flash from your machine here.

The KB4577586 was created so that managed infrastructures can start removing Flash whenever they want, and for the normal user, Microsoft initially stated that this update will be optional. The KB is also availlable on Microsoft WSUS catalog for the IT Pros.

However, starting this week, not only me but other colleagues of mine noticed that we received the update forcefully via Microsoft Updates.

However, Adobe added a “feature” into Flash that it cannot longer play content after the 12 of January, so if you receive this update it doesn’t really matter anyway, because you can’t use Flash anymore.

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