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If you work with SCCM you are probably used to create machine/user collections for different purposes, either for assigning apps, either to perform a task sequence and so on. The only issue with this might be the way you get your user/machine list to do these queries. Sometimes you might receive an excel file, other times a simple list like “computer1,computer2,etc”, or other times even dubious strings like “computer1/computer2/computer3/etc”


To make the process simpler, I have created a simple application that converts your string to a list by using two default separators: “;” or “,”, or you can even define your own separator:

All you have to do is paste your string in the upper text box, select the separator or define your own and then click Convert. This will result in a list:

You can then copy the resulted list by using the Copy button and navigate to the Query Creator tab. Once here, paste the previous resulted list, select the desired query size (as of now SCCM supports up to 10.000 machines/users in one query) and what type of query you want (Computers/Users). Once done, press the Generate button:

The queries i’m generating are basic, but in SCCM they will retrieve all the information necessary. A short demo of the tool:

The app can be downloaded from here:


SCCM Query Creator


The source code from the app can be found here:


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